PlayStation TV – gaming friend for you PS4 or Vita

Perfect handheld Playstations Vita got its bigger sibling Playstation 4 and both are having great sales and having respect in the gaming community. Number of the sold Playstation 4 is around 20 billions. And that is really success that not too much people awaited. And now it came the time for Sony to present the PlayStation TV, the third sibling. The smallest one, but if you have PS4 or Vita at home, maybe good choice for you. In the next few paragraphs I will try to show you what it can do for you Vita or PS4.


From the hardware perspective: tiny black box with quad-core Cortex A9 MPcore, additional quad-core video chip PowerVR and 512 MB of Ram and 128 MB video RAM. One hardware button in front, four ports in the back – HDMI, LAN, USB and memory cards slot.

So what can this tiny black box do for you? Well it can do much. Like streaming from PS4 to any other display or TV. Just connect it to the display via HDMI and you are ready. And this comes handy when you primary TV is occupied by wife/girlfriend/mother/children/alien. PS Vita can also do the streaming, but one advantage for PS TV is that you can connect daulshock and that is much more comfortable than playing with handheld.  The first time connection is comfortable – you connect it to the display, power, connect USB cable to dualshock to make them paired and power on. You will be asked for the resolution of the screen, which can be changed later on and finally you will be asked for wifi or cable internet. No stress and panic here. If you have worse wifi at home or you are too far from router, you need to think about cable or you will get the worse picture and that sucks. In any case the streming from PS4 into PS TV is without lags. But this is for games only, forget about streaming the movies from PS4, that is nasty and once more nasty. It is called TV, but there is no netflix or any other streaming service available, and this is strange.

Just streaming would be very low competition, so the next function is very nice – PS TV can act as a VITA without screen. Internal memory is nothing, but you have memory cards for PS VITA. You can have two different cards – 1 for VITA, 1 for PS TV or you can have 1 shared card and put it into you PS TV. PS TV sees the games and also the saved positions. And it works even if you do not have VITA. You can buy the games from PS store for VITA or PS TV has a slot for the card of VITA games. I do not know if this is how you will have fun with PS TV, but in any case you can. Be aware that some games will not work here (mainly the games with the touch control) and that some games will look very bad on the huge displays. Not everything has been ported for PS TV till now. But some games are better to be played with dualshock than on VITA itself.

You have basic information about PS TV now, but is this suitable for you? It depends. It is surely not necessity, but nice bonus. Depends on that if you have usage for streaming from PS4 or not. Or if you are fan of VITA. Or maybe you will buy this instead of VITA. There are really too many factors to say if this is what you need. For me it is nice gadget, but nothing more. For you it might be necessity, because of occupied primary TV or because of missing VITA. It is not so expensive to not give it a try if you feel you need it!


Castle Clash On Current Mobile Devices

Castle Clash is one of the most popular games that can be found on modern mobile devices. Plenty of people like combat games and plenty of people like strategy games. There are some fans of both and some fans of one but not the other. Castle Clash manages to combine principles of both combat games and strategy games, which helps explain its very broad appeal among players everywhere. Finding Castle Clash on current mobile devices shouldn’t be difficult, but there are still a few things to keep in mind.
Castle Clash

Castle Clash is primarily available on the Android platform, so Android users shouldn’t have a problem getting their own Castle Clash download. Users will need to have an Android 2.2 operating system at least, or they won’t be able to complete the download. However, most people should be able to meet those requirements. It will take more than five minutes to download to game, but it is worth the wait.

Castle Clash Level

As an app, the game should be available instantly, making it a particularly convenient choice for anyone that’s tired of jumping through hoops to get a game or other app. Castle Clash is also absolutely free, which is another reason that it has become as popular as it is today. The game mechanics are great, and the price makes them even more worthwhile. It is no surprise that Castle Clash is one of the most downloaded games of its type.

Castle Clash Fight

People will need to have an Internet connection in order to play the game. It isn’t a game that can be played on an operating system under all circumstances, like many of the games that people will have on their computers. Still, most people should have the necessary connection when they want to play, anyway. Getting Castle Clash on current mobile devices should be easy and rewarding.

How the progamers rest? One is playing Simpsons tapped out!

Guys, believe it or don’t believe it, but also progamers needs to rest. As it is a profession as others, they will probably not play the same hardcore games at home as they play for money. But they love to play and it is their passion, isn’t it? So I asked one friend – progamer – how does he rest. If he is playing in his free time. I will not mention his name as I was not authorized to do that, but it doesn’t really matter. OK, I will say it, he love Simpsons and watch every single episode of them and he also love to play Simpsons tapped out. What he really hates is the in-app purchases and as he was sick paying he found out these free donuts. Ehm, and it is progamer, so developer of freemium games, think about this as an big issue.

Homer with DonutWell, well, well, yes this is a pretty nice game you do not have to think much about it and you are just enjoying the fun, relaxing. And as it was told me, it is exactly what he was looking for. Also I was told that mass gaming is not a big issue for progamers even they don’t have good opinion about such a games in general. And in general they agree that it might attract more and more gamers looking for something more that casual games. And that is what everybody agrees. Even me or you probably started with simple games. Yes, yes I remember my first game I ever played and it was Prehistoric 1! It that times it was real hardcore game, but these days you can say it is a casual gaming as a hell!

But back to our main idea of this post. So even if you have it lot at the work, you are able to enjoy it at home, but not in the very same way as at the work. Why he like it so much? Well, here are extracted replies:

– it is funny and it is Simpsons

– Springfield will be destroyed and you are new architect of the Springfield’s reguild

– you need to save all the characters and bring them to their previous life

– you can rest by Simpsons, but not only passively receive, in other words, you are not watching television

– you can actively be a part of Simpsons

But there are some disadvantages from his point of view too:

– It is mobile based and the full PC games should be much better than mobile game

– in-app purchases were marked as a devil’s work


So it is obvious that the mass games are also popular in the hardcore gamers section :) But why should it be not the case or should be the case I will maybe reveal in the next post. Are you a hardcore player or starting progamer and do you play any mass game? Let us know via comments. Thanks!

Progaming scene

The changing phases and rules of pro gaming scene

The Pro gaming scene today is not much different from a typical scene in the professional-coaching camp. The evolution of online and video-games from being a mere entertainment tool to a money-spinning machine has not happened overnight. Though the time-span might look small at times, in those circumstances, it has taken hours of dedicated effort on part of the developers as well as the professional players.

  1. It requires continued improvisation. Some of the innovative game creators opine that, the games they create are like the professional real-time sports. Even the creator of hockey will have many things to learn from a newly debutant player.

  2. The pro gaming tournaments have brought in a lot of changes in the

    1. Quality of professional games: – It is obvious that the quality has reached its peak levels in the past 4 years compared to the previous decade. The Evolution-championship-series which was originally an arcade-cabinets game turned into a console-based game. Today the tournament attracts millions of gamers just to get qualified for playing in the tournament. The quality has improved in technology, networking, graphics, level of interaction etc.

    2. The nature and number of audiences: – since becoming a console-game, the pro-games have earned huge-number of viewers and willing followers, just like the professional-sports circuits.

    3. The venue and gaming-methods, rules and winning formula: – Since the game is online, the venue could literally be fixed anywhere in the world without regards to the boundaries. However, professional circuits are being held from certain specific-locations where the gaming has been classified into two main categories

      1. On-line console games where the individual /team of players are remotely located. The judges, sponsors and the broadcasting team are positioned in a centralized location.

      2. The set of players located physically in different the tournament centres play against each other etc. The ways and methods could vary depending on multitude of factors. But the tournament as a whole is professionally conducted; evolved and prize money is given away to the winner /winning team.

    4. The players’ approach to team-games. Players are getting down to real business now. Teams are formed, official names are created for each team, logo, branding and above all, sponsoring has entered the professional gaming circuits today.

  3. Professional-training has assumed lot of importance. Amateurs are either converting to hard-core professional or changing their fields of earning. The motive of play and let play is slowly turning into an online professional competition.


Technology has played a great role in shaping the pro gaming scene into what it is today from what it was at the beginning of this decade. Sites like Game-battles, major league gaming etc have made a vast difference to the approach to the game.

The introduction of sponsored-tournaments changed the equation clearly. Pro gaming has now indeed become an all-time paying profession. The advantage is, any youngster regardless of his basic-qualification can play and win a handsome living from these tournaments. The biggest negative factor could be the sad state of losers who do not know how to cope with failures in the same way they rejoice every win.


Professional gaming – what is it and how it started?

Progaming, mysterious words for the masses. So what it looks like? How are the tournaments? Is the number of spectators low or high? Is it catching up the “real sport” events? Let’s have a look onto this in this post.

League of legends tournament13 thousand spectators, big stage and the bunch of European and Asian guys furiously shouting commands to their headsets. No, this is not a kind of concert or a crazy experiment. This is the final of League of Legends Championship series (LCS). Pretty impressive, what do you say? If you think that progaming is just a couple of guys never kissed the girl playing the game on the local network in a basement you can’t be more wrong. Progaming exceeded a wild dreams of players. It became a regular sport with the sponsors, who are bidding whose logo will be more visible, and the sponsors payments to teams are counted in hundreds of million dollars these days. Don’t be surprised, this electronic sport has a million of spectators daily.

And it started like an innocent fun for the boys looking for the renegade against the society. One day you could play in the gaming club in your neighbourhood and the next day you were in Good morning America. Ask Bill Mitchell :) And do you know who was the founder of progaming? Who organized the first big tournament and the player contracts? Do you guess Blizzard or idSoft? Wrong! It was, believe it or not, in these days the company focused on the casual playing – Nintendo. They did all mentioned above in the year 1994 at Nintendo Powerfest. Off course it was just about to get the highest score on Money Donkey and so, but this was the start.

The real revolution came in the late 1990’s with the games like Doom or Quake, which started the real competitive gaming. Maybe some readers of this blog will remember the first LAN parties with friends. And now we are coming to idSoft, which is marked as one of the parents of the online gaming. One event became a cult event – Red Annihilation – the Quake tournament in 1997, where the first prize was the ferrari of John Carmack. But we are still in 1990’s when just two or three big tournaments were held worldwide. And when the professional players were just dreaming about big money. But this is the time when revolution started and the First person shooters were the games that were played in the tournaments.

But American and European scene could be marked as amateur. But not in South Korea, where the carrier of progamer is equal to doctor. It is a national sport there. And the game which was in the beginning is Starcraft and it’s datadisk Brood Wars. And we still hear about the players form that era. And yes they have 2 TV channels broadcasting the progaming from all over the world. And yes they have the government department for the progaming. And yes it is very serious job there. And the South Korea is the leader in the progaming and it is no secret that what is played in Korea sooner or later will be played worldwide as Korea is a trendsetter. And as you see that is the dawn of the FPS and the dawn of the strategies at the progaming scene.

Next time we will talk more about 2000’s.